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Kwik Fit Gateshead gets a quick & easy solution from Encasement

Column Casing

Kwik Fit Gateshead gets a quick & easy solution from Encasement

Preformed aluminium ‘Forma’ column casings from Encasement are helping provide a welcoming entrance for customers at Kwik-Fit’s recently refurbished Gateshead service centre on Durham Road.

Part of the major refurbishment and upgrade of the two-storey building included the creation of a new customer entrance in the original frontage, involving the replacement of a large existing window, which was flanked by concrete structural columns.

Once the new entrance was complete, two 400mm diameter Forma column casings were used to conceal the ageing 3100mm high concrete columns and give a more contemporary look to the service centre. Encasement’s pre-formed aluminium casings also finished in white PPC to help integrate with the upgraded exterior.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor explained: “This is an ideal example of where an existing exterior feature on a building can be adapted and improved, purely by concealing the existing columns in a cost-effective and attractive column casing. Forma casings are ideal for this type of project as they can be supplied in aluminium and stainless steel, both of which provide an excellent finish as well as being corrosion and weather resistant.”

You can see more images from the Kwik Fit Gateshead Forma column casing installation in our Column Casing gallery. You can also view our Forma column casings range in more detail or alternatively explore our full range of column casing products.