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Fire sprinkler boxing made simple by Encasement

Pipe Boxing

Fire sprinkler boxing made simple by Encasement

Concealing retro-fitted fire sprinkler pipework in high rise flats and communal areas, such as corridors and lift lobbies, is simple and quick using Encasement Versa 5 pipe boxing, but it’s now even easier with our latest downloadable PDF and DWG format installation drawings.

Each of the two new typical drawings has been created to provide both dimensional and physical fixing information in sectioned illustrations, which also show the positioning of the fire sprinkler pipework and the sprinkler heads in relation to the wall and ceiling.

One of the drawings provides fixing details for a standard fire sprinkler boxing application, while the other shows the installation of a metal bracket, enabling the sprinkler boxing to be secured without drilling into ceilings with old Artex finishes that may contain asbestos.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented: “Pipework and sprinkler heads need to be concealed to not only give a more aesthetic finish to each project and avoid complaints from tenants but to also provide a practical solution for containing the system components.”

“From our experience of working with contractors on countless social housing projects where pipework needs to be concealed, Versa boxing solutions can be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives and these new fixing details should help make it even simpler.”

Please follow this link to download PDF and DWG format installation drawings.