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A new brochure has been launched by Encasement, covering its ‘n-case’ range of pre-formed pipe casings, designed for the quick and cost-effective boxing in of pipe work in a variety of applications in areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Available either in printed form or as a free download from the Encasement website,, the comprehensive brochure provides information on both the n-case Riva and n-case Versa products.  Details on the time saving benefits of using ‘n-case’ casings are included along with all the necessary dimensional data on every product in the range.

Included in the range are the Riva and Riva ’D’ casings for covering smaller pipes, such as central heating and hot water, alongside the Versa 5 and Versa 8 casings, designed for concealing larger diameter pipes such as basin and WC waste.

Also, a detailed specification section on each product group includes information on the approximate internal working space within the pipe casings, so that installers have a guide to the most appropriate size of casing required to cover a specific pipe work installation.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, said: “The market for pre-formed pipe boxing is growing in the UK as more specifiers, contractors and builders in both private and public sector, seek to reduce costs by increasing the speed of interior fit-out and decreasing the associated labour costs on a range of projects from new-build through to refurbishment.”

He added: “Escalating labour rates are a concern for many contractors but by using our Riva and Versa pre-formed casings, they enable the pipe boxing to be fitted in around half the time of that needed to fabricate the boxing on site.  Also, as they’re pre-finished in white melamine, there’s no need for painting which saves more time and delivers tangible financial savings.”

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