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Boiler Pipe Casing

Almost every boiler installation can be improved by concealing pipes and flues with our pre-formed boiler pie casings. Incorporating a wide range of one-piece and casings solutions, including jointed and 'factory pre-made' options, they not only provide enormous versatility and choice, but can also be fitted in around half the time of traditional site made alternatives.

The perfect boiler pipework cover up for Axiom Housing AssociationThe perfect boiler pipework cover up for Axiom Housing Association Easy to fit pre-formed and pre-finished boiler casings from Encasement are concealing unattractive boiler pipework in a development of 30 new shared ownership apartments by Axiom Housing Association in Peterborough.
Versatile Two Piece Boiler Pipe CasingVersatile Two Piece Boiler Pipe Casing The n-case two-piece boiler pipe casing is highly versatile and can be readily configured to cover a range of boiler pipe layouts, as demonstrated on this social housing refurbishment project, where an extended ‘L’ boxing was produced to conceal the unattractive pipe work.
Social housing boiler pipe work casingSocial housing boiler pipe work casing A development of new social housing flats in North London is using n-case boiler pipe work casings as an integral part of the various kitchen design layouts to conceal pipe work above and below the boiler as well as providing a consistent finish in every installation.
Boiler pipe casing in social housingBoiler pipe casing in social housing An extensive social housing refurbishment programme in South-West London is using n-case boiler pipe work casings to provide an aesthetic finish to a major kitchen re-fit including new boiler and heating system.
Boiler pipe casing in rented propertyBoiler pipe casing in rented property Following the installation of a new kitchen, boiler and heating system in this rented property, the landlord fitted an n-case boiler pipe work casing to conceal the unattractive pipe work below the boiler to give a ‘clean’ finish to the project.
Two piece boiler pipe casing improves installationTwo piece boiler pipe casing improves installation A couple of photographs contributed by a delighted Encasement customer, illustrates perfectly, the improvement that has been achieved in a private house by concealing a range of unattractive pipe work following a replacement boiler installation.
Boiler pipe work casing in new homes developmentBoiler pipe casing in new homes development One piece boiler pipe work casings, incorporating integral document wallets, are used to conceal pipe work in 50 new flats as part of a major housing development in Dover.
Boiler pipe casing in private housingBoiler pipe casing in private housing N-case Boiler Pipe Casing provides the finishing touch by concealing pipe work and valves in these stylish kitchen installations at a new development of private and shared ownership flats in East London.
n-case Boiler Pipe Work casingn-case Boiler Pipe Work casing n-case Boiler Pipe Work Casing effectively conceals gas and heating services while improving the overall finish of the heating installation. Already widely used by local...
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