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Fire Protection

While specific column casing products within the Encasement range are classified as achieving Class ‘O’ rating, in accordance with BS 476:Part 6 relating to fire propagation, they should be regarded as providing no fire protection to structural columns or components within a building.

With the exception of the Metza column casing range, separate structural fire protection systems should be specified and applied to comply with the UK Building Regulations approved Document B. This ensures escape times are achieved and metal structures, beams & columns are not weakened under intense heat, as covered in the BS 476: Parts 20 & 21, which is designed to protect the structure for a specified period of time, prior to reaching the recognised critical failure temperature of 550OC.

A number of different systems are available to achieve these standards, including fire rated insulation boards and concrete cladding as well as spray coatings and intumescent paints.

It is the responsibility of the specifier or purchasing controller to ensure an appropriate system is used and applied correctly to meet the relevant standards and appropriate fire protection periods for each building design.

BS476 Parts 20 – 21 set out the key criteria for fire protection testing and the fire performance criteria are covered in detail in Building Regulations Part B (Appendix A).

Please note that none of the information above should be considered as recommendations or definitive guidance on structural fire protection.

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