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Decorative column casings – Encasement has them covered

Column Casings

Decorative column casings – Encasement has them covered

Decorative column casings have come a long way since they were first used to conceal interior structural steelwork more than 20 years ago. From their initial specification by a handful of architects, they are now widely used on buildings of all types, which is one of the reasons why Peterborough based Encasement has continued to expand its range to meet the need for different materials, finishes and sizes.

Encasement’s column casing range is now the most comprehensive available in the UK and not only includes pre-formed plywood casings, glass-reinforced gypsum and compact laminate solutions for interior applications but also aluminium, stainless steel and glass-reinforced polymer (GRP) casings, which are resistant to weathering for exterior projects.

Interestingly, Encasement’s ‘Forma’ metal casings and ‘Polyma’ GRP range are also widely used in interior applications, where the scope of finishes available, particularly in the ‘Forma’ range, provides specifiers with an even greater scope of options and can be specified with diameters from 250mm up to 1000mm.

Recent projects, such as a prestigious reception area at Merchant Square in Paddington, West London and a new library extension at a private school near Richmond, illustrate the versatility of Forma metal column casing solutions. At Merchant Square, the column casings are finished in brushed stainless steel and are 800mm diameter, while the casings used on the library projects are six metres high and integrate with a glazed floor and stainless steel balustrade.

Encasement’s ‘Circa’ and ‘Quadra’ ranges of pre-formed plywood column casings still provide specifiers and contractors with an unrivalled selection of finishes, which includes plain, laminated or real wood veneers. Also, these products are also available manufactured from FSC certified plywood to help specifiers and contractors comply with sustainability codes and environmental procurement policies.

Circa column casings have also been used on a further project in East London. The 300mm diameter column casings are installed in Europe’s tallest residential building, ‘The Landmark’ at Canary Wharf, which stands 140 metres high.

Encasement’s Managing director, Martin Taylor, explained: “Column casing provides a perfect mix of practicality and aesthetics and we’ve taken a lot of care to ensure our range meets both of these key criteria while ensuring that we always remain competitive and deliver high-quality products. The three recent projects in London perfectly illustrate the range of specifications we work to and the versatility of our casing solutions. One is a large diameter, single-level feature column, while another is a double-height installation and the third is designed to be almost invisible and unobtrusive.”

He added: “Our entire range of column casing solutions has been configured to provide the widest possible choice as well as being easy to specify, which is why we offer next working day delivery as well as some very specialised solutions, such as the Metza range, which provides up to three hours fire protection for mezzanine floor columns.”

Encasement’s new ‘column casing solutions’ e-brochure has is available for download from the company’s website and covers every product in the range as well as providing details on materials, sizes and finishes available alongside extensive technical information section.

Encasement specialises in the supply of decorative casing and protection solutions for the architectural, contracting and construction sectors.