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Pipe Boxing

Simple, quick & cost-effective

Material Composition

Pipe Boxing materials

Heat and pressure are applied to bond layers of plywood veneers with a finishing kraft paper and compensating balancer to produce a strong and lightweight profile which retains consistent shape and form.

The methods used within the manufacturing process results in a low moisture content of between 6% and 8%. This ensures greater stability and enables profiles to be positioned in close proximity to heat sources, including central heating pipe work.

The adhesive used to bond the softwood core/substrate is to British Standard 1204: 1979 Classification type MR (Moisture resistant and moderately weather resistant).


Profiles are mechanically fixed through the face of the profile at 600mm centres with a screw into a timber batten allowing simple removal for future maintenance. The screw heads are concealed with a white decorative cap.

Fire - Spread of Flame

The substrate conforms to BS 476 part 7 class 2 spread of flame. When used in conjunction with a fire retardant laminate or lacquer bonded with an appropriate adhesive system conformance to class 1 spread of flame is achieved.

Two Year Guarantee

As standard, all products in our Riva and Versa ranges of pre-formed and pre-finished plywood pipe boxing, carry a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase, against the de-lamination of the plywood and decorative melamine veneers under normal use and conditions.

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