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Nova Perimeter & HVAC Casings

Stylish interior casing solutions

The Nova perimeter casing system has been designed to provide an aesthetic solution to concealing heating, ventilation and other services located around a building's interior perimeter, while maintaining the thermal efficiency of the enclosed HVAC elements.

Whether the project is a new installation or part of the refurbishment of an existing structure, such as offices or a commercial building, Nova provides the designer, specifier and installer with a robust perimeter casing solution that can be specified in a wide range of colour options and finishes, which is also simple to install.

As every building and specification is different, n-case Nova includes perimeter casings manufactured from a choice of two different materials to ensure that it not only has the versatility to meet these requirements, but also provide a wide palette of finishes and colour options to integrate with the building's interior design.

Designers have the option of specifying the Nova system manufactured from pre-formed plywood or formed aluminium, both of which incorporate CNC machine cut holes to enable the heating emitters' convection and radiation efficiency to be maintained.

It's not only the materials and finishes that can be specified within the Nova range, as the sill profile and the position of the slots can also be selected. Both flat top and angled sills are available within the range as well as the option of locating the heating convection slots either on the top of the perimeter casing or on the front.

Also, as each Nova perimeter casing solution is designed and manufactured precisely to meet an individual project specification, the quality of fit and finish is of the highest standard.

Incorporating a choice of sill profiles and a wide range of finishes including solid colours, laminates and wood veneers; Nova not only provides a compact and versatile perimeter casing solution, but also complete design flexibility, enabling it to integrate with any interior design.

Alongside our wide range of products, we also offer a supply and install service, enabling us to maintain complete control over the project and provide expert installation solutions.

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