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Encasement manufacturing

complete control, absolute quality

Creating high quality casings and decorative products by forming plywood veneers into a range of curved and angular shapes not only requires an immense amount of expertise, but also experience to ensure the end result is worthy of the Encasement name.

With more than 45 years experience in this very specialised area of manufacturing, we have been the leader in this sector longer than most other comparable companies have been in existence.

Our engineers not only created the manufacturing processes we've been using for decades, but they have also continually enhanced, developed and refined them to the current ‘state-of-the-art’, enabling us to produce the highest quality pre-formed plywood casings available. Indeed, many of the machines we use are unique and have been developed by us to undertake specific manufacturing operations and processes.

At our 48,000 sq.m site, which houses both manufacturing and warehousing, we have more than 30 production machines, including high pressure presses, 5 axis CNC machines and guillotines, as well as a range of additional production machinery used to cut, form, laminate and finish all of our products.

We have complete control over every facet of the production process, from the quality of the raw materials and adhesive technology to the forming tool design and the finishing processes.

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