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Column Casing

Simple, quick & cost-effective

Our extensive column casing range provides a stylish and integrated finish and is the perfect solution for concealing internal and external structural columns simply, quickly and cost effectively.

To provide the maximum design versatility and choice, our column casing range includes casings manufactured from pre-formed plywood, aluminium, and stainless steel as well as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or gypsum (GRG) and compact laminates.

As a result, we can provide column casing solutions to meet the broadest scope of specifications, installations and project needs including an exceptionally wide choice of standard and custom dimensions, shapes and decorative column finishes, which are already used in a range of sectors including, commercial, leisure, retail and education including schools, colleges, universities and academies.

Alongside our wide range of products, we also offer a supply and install service, enabling us to maintain complete control over the project and provide expert installation solutions.

Circa Column Casing image

Circa Column Casing

Circular and semi-circular column casings manufactured from pre-formed plywood, available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes for interior applications.

Quadra Column Casing image

Quadra Column Casing

Square and rectangular column casings manufactured from pre-formed plywood, available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes for interior applications.

Forma Column Casing image

Forma Column Casing

Metal column casings manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and steel for exterior and interior applications.

Polyma Casing image
Gypra Casing image
Metza Column Casing image

Metza Column Casing

Fire resistant column casings, designed specifically for use with mezzanine floor installations.

Our Circa and Quadra casings are manufactured using 12mm and 8mm pre-formed plywood, respectively, which allows a high degree of design flexibility to be achieved, enabling circular, square and rectangular styles to be produced that meet a broad range of applications.

Whether the project requires a plain finish for onsite painting, standard white melamine or a decorative column, then choose from any of our virtually limitless choice of laminated finishes or real wood veneers - we've got it covered.

Next day delivery is available on all our 'ex-stock' Circa and Quadra products to ensure we can provide a fast response for projects with tight timescales.

The Forma range of metal column casings includes both aluminium and stainless steel to provide the broadest practical choice for use in both interior and exterior environments.

With the wide range of finishes, perforation patterns and forms that are available, our metal casings provide an extremely versatile solution that can meet both the aesthetic and functional demands of any project.

Our Polyma GRP and Gypra GRG column casing ranges provide even greater choice and flexibility for specifiers, contractors and installers, offering cost effective solutions for interior and exterior column casing projects.

Completing the product line up is our Metza fire rated column casing system. Designed specifically for use on mezzanine floor support columns, Metza provides up to 2 hours fire protection.

Useful supplementary information

Fire protection:

While specific column casing products within the Encasement range are classified as achieving Class 0 rating, in accordance with BS 476:Part 6 relating to fire propagation, they should be regarded as providing no fire protection to structural columns or components within a building.

For more detailed information on column casing fire protection and to view our guidelines, please click here.

Finish options:

The choice of decorative column finishes within our column casing range provides a wide palette of textures and colours to meet most specifications and aesthetic requirements whilst integrating with interior and exterior building design.

To view the range of finishes available in our column casing range and browse our selection guide, please click here.

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