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Bespoke Boiler Pipe Casing

Complete flexibility - total control

Our ‘Bespoke’ casings are manufactured using FSC® certified sustainable timber and they can be used above or below the boiler to provide a simple, quick and cost effective solution for concealing gas and central heating pipe work, as well as flues, with the added flexibility of being factory manufactured to exact boiler dimensions to meet any boiler size or installation requirements.

The flexibility of the custom option allows ‘U’ shaped boiler casings to be produced easily to give maximum versatility, while providing an attractive and durable covering for pipes, flues, valves and controls.

Supplied in one piece and incorporating either a thin uPVC jointing strip or a laminated finish with no visible join, the bespoke range is available in both in ‘U’ shaped or ‘L’ configurations, for use with mid-wall and corner boiler installations.

The casings can be manufactured in any width from 150mm to 600mm with depths from 75mm up to 300mm and are self-supporting, so they can be free standing or secured using mechanical fixings or mastic adhesives, enabling easy removal for routine servicing or maintenance.

  • Two-year guarantee
  • Manufactured from FSC® certified and compliant sustainable timber
  • Complete flexibility to suit any boiler size or installation
  • Simple and quick to fit - a uniform finish every time
  • Compliant with EU Timber Regulations
  • Ideal for use above or below the boiler
  • Melamine or laminate finish – no need to paint and easy to clean
  • Easy access for routine inspection, servicing & maintenance

We offer a supply and install service on this product range.
Please visit our 'Installation' web page to find out more.

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