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It's unsurprising that one of the most versatile and 'eco-friendly' materials available is also one of the most popular selected when specifying column casings from our Forma range.

Aluminium is extremely durable, easily recyclable and as it weighs only one third of the weight of steel for the same volume, it also helps reduces fuel consumption during transport. In addition, according to the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), it has been calculated that around 75% of all aluminium produced during the past 130 years is still in use.

Also, recycling aluminium only requires 5% of the energy used to extract it from bauxite, which is a considerable efficiency saving and one of the reasons why aluminium recycling is a global success that is continuing to grow.

Within architecture and construction, aluminium is widely used as its low mass reduces structural loading, while its ability to be rolled, formed and extruded into complex shapes with minimal wastage, means it can be found in a range of decorative and structural applications, particularly when combined with other materials to form specific alloys.

Further information on aluminium recycling and sustainability can be obtained from the CAB or by clicking here

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